A high priority of animal welfare, adaptive grazing and regenerative farming are the mainstays of Northaven Farm.


    Northaven Pastures sits on 95 acres of pasture and timberland in Red Hook, NY  which it happily cohabitates with Northaven Stables, a holistic horse boarding operation. These two separate but complementary businesses were formed by one family with the goal to give animals the space and ability to express their innate behaviors in the environment that they were created to exist in. All the while supporting the local community with nutrient dense food and a connection with one of the oldest human-animal relationships and forms of non-foot travel humanity has known.


    This very unique parcel of land has supplied the Hudson Valley with valuable animal based resources for the past 80+ years. Throughout the 50s 60s and 70s this farm had been an apple orchard as well as a small dairy farm, which the parlor has in recent decades been turned into a horse stable. Starting in the late 70s and through the early 2000s, this land housed and pastured over 200 head of sheep whose main product was their wool for local yarn and pelts. We are honored to have the privilege to continue the legacy of this land by supplying the local community with high quality food and keeping northern Dutchess County agriculture alive