Northaven Pastures is a family owned and operated regenerative farm in Red Hook, NY. Our mission is to restore ecological, animal and human health through beyond organic farming practices on the land we steward.


    After years of interest in healthy living and bettering the multitude of ecological problems facing the planet; Bennett came to the conclusion that both ecosystems and human beings thrive when there is an abundance of healthy well managed animals on the landscape and in our bellies. The coupling of his degree in ecology with a deep passion for land stewardship, animal welfare and organic agriculture has allowed Bennett to pursue regenerative farming for the last several years with a vision for decades to come.


    Zoe comes to farming with a strong desire to pass down the earth to the next generation better than she found it. This combined with her passion for healthy living has led her to pursuing organic and regenerative farming as a way of life and feeding her family.


  • Northaven Pastures

    358 Milan Hill Road #101, Red Hook, NY 12571

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