Northaven Pastures is a small family farm with a big vision. We believe that both humans and the animals that sustain them are not inherently a threat to the earth’s vitality, slowly extracting resources over time, but instead are stewards of tremendous ecological value who can leave resources improved and more abundant than they were before, all the while growing food. Our farm’s main values are as follows:

Regenerative Agriculture

We are in pursuit of doing something age-old in a new way. We meticulously focus on land management and demand that the food that is the outpouring of this stewardship is made without compromise. We don’t strive for “good enough” or simply above average—we’re here in pursuit of excellence. Our goal is to produce the cleanest animal products while also creating food that is a fantastic eating experience. 

We implement adaptive grazing management, which means we move our cattle 1-2 times per day differently depending on weather, forage, season, etc. If you come to our farm on any given day, it will appear as if nothing is happening on most of the land. Except that is when everything happens: the land is resting and regrowing stronger than ever as the soil is built, and microbial life explodes underground. While our cows are grazing fresh pastures, our pigs live free and comfortable lives in the woodlands of our farm as they clear invasive brush while moving around the woods. 

Everything we do is to make our farm just as much of a wildlife sanctuary as a productive one.

Animal Husbandry

We raise beef from cows that have never tasted a grain and have only ever had clean water and organic forage flowing through their blood. Our pigs feast on the wild understories of the forest while being fed a locally-grown organic feed that consists of wheat, barley, field peas, and oats. We only raise animals that have been carefully selected to thrive outdoors all year and convert the beautiful landscape around us into nutritious food without the need for any medical or pharmaceutical interventions or anything that the land can’t offer them itself.   

We believe in working with God’s design in nature as the blueprint for managing our land responsibly. We believe in allowing our animals to express the natural behaviors that give each of them their distinct glory among other creatures.


Fundamentally, our values as a farm come from us as consumers. We want meat free from the contamination of anything that hasn’t withstood the 1,000-year test of time. We want meat that was given an ethical life and death. We want all of this from a farm that operates so our children’s children can feed themselves off the same land. 

Our vision for our farm is that it is by people, for people, and this may be a haven for our family and yours. When you support us, we strive to help you in return. You can rest knowing that the people producing your food are likely after the same thing you are—something we can look upon and claim to be good.